You wait for the sun to set whilst you give yourself a long, hard stare in the mirror. Your hair looks too perfect so you start to tousle your hair. But see, now it looks too messy. So you move a few strands of your hair to the other side – ah, this looks messy, just how you want it. Whilst you give yourself the “no-make-up” look with your make-up, you realise time is running out. You know it’s time because the sun has almost set but there are still rays of orange pouring through your curtain holes onto your bed. Whilst getting in bed you ensure that your face is at an angle so the sunlight is kissing your cheekbones and adding a glow to your skin. You hold your phone out as far as you can and turn on the camera. Then after closing both eyes, you count down to three before taking a picture of yourself. It’s complete, you add a caption to the picture: “Oops, my friend caught me sleeping!” – saved and uploaded.

Social media addiction is a real problem. Did you know 20 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram, and 500 million tweets are being tweeted away every single day? We are no longer thirsty for water, but for 300 likes on a picture of our cute cat. There is a dark side to having all the accounts for the latest apps. Research has shown that Internet addiction frequently coexists with anxiety, depression, or an addiction to other things like alcohol or drugs.  Jason Thibeault, wrote “Why I just quit Facebook,” a blog post which explores the risks of social media addiction. He believes that the reason we get so addicted is because “we are essentially narcissistic and want to be the centre of attention…. I want them to pay attention to me, to ‘like’ me, that’s why.”

Although individuals should be able to do whatever they please, as a society and a race we must reassess what we value and respect. It’s so easy to focus our lives on artificial appearance and personalities and get lost within that world whilst the lines and links to human interaction becomes increasingly mute. It is no wonder then that modern Britain is being called ‘The Lost Generation’ – lost in a cybernetic world.

Fast car

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